Harlequin Property Investments

If you have lost money because of your investment into Harlequin Investments, then Smooth Commercial Law can help. Harlequin Investment promised its investors high returns by building off plan homes in the Caribbean, which could then be sold at a profit or rented out to holidaymakers. However, out of a scheduled 6,000 properties, only a small number of properties have been built. Harlequin has told investors that, since its sales arm entered liquidation last October, it cannot return their deposits. This is despite clauses in some investors’ contracts saying that, if the properties had not been built by now that they would be entitled to a full refund. As a result, thousands of people who invested into Harlequin Investments have now lost their investment.

If you have invested into Harlequin Property Investments, then please call us today for a free no obligation chat and we would be more than happy to see how we can help.


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