Mis-sold Solar Panels

If you were sold solar panels on the promise that they would save you money or even earn some income on the side, but have actually ended up out of pocket, we can make a mis-selling compensation claim on your behalf.

For years, companies have been selling solar panels door-to-door and over the phone on the basis that they would “pay for themselves”; the idea being that you take out a loan to fund the panels but, because you supposedly save money on energy bills and any surplus energy is sold back to the national grid (referred to as the “feed in tariff”), you actually end up turning a profit.

In fact, many of these “self-funding solar panel” claims were grossly exaggerated, leaving thousands of people locked into expensive and lengthy financing agreements.

Our mis-sold solar panel experts will explain in clear, understandable language how mis-selling claims work, advising on merits of your particular case and your prospects for receiving compensation, taking into account all of your individual circumstances.

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Have you been mis-sold solar panels?

If either of the following statements applies to you:

  • Your solar panels aren’t generating as much electricity as you were told they would
  • You were misled about the amount of money you could receive from the feed in tariff

Then you may be eligible to claim compensation for solar panel mis-selling.

Our specialist mis-selling claims solicitors understand how convincing door-to-door salespeople and cold callers can be, particularly where they utilise pressure selling techniques which encourage you to enter into a finance agreement immediately without the chance to conduct independent research.

We specialise in helping ordinary consumers achieve justice for stress and loss caused by the greed of companies whose only goal is to make money.

Our mis-sold solar panels solicitors can handle every aspect of your claim on your behalf. We may even be able to make a claim if the company which sold you the panels has gone out of business.

Mis-sold solar panels FAQs

Am I eligible to make a claim for mis sold solar panels?

Below are some factors which may make you eligible for a compensation claim:

  • You bought your solar panels (or partially bought, including the deposit) using a credit card or financial agreement
  • You bought your solar panels within the last 6 years
  • You were misled during the sales discussions about the solar panel’s performance and/or the amount of money you could save or earn
  • The monthly payments under your financial agreement exceed the savings made by your solar panels
  • You were unfairly pressured into buying the solar panels, for example:
    • The sales person stayed at your house for over 2 hours and/or refused to leave
    • They claimed they only had a limited number of solar panels left or they could only install a certain amount in your area
    • Guilting you, such as telling you they’ll lose their job if they don’t make this sale

What can I claim compensation for?

Depending on the individual circumstances of your case, the following outcomes are possible:

  • Compensation for money already paid towards the solar panels
  • Compensation for interest on the money paid towards the solar panels
  • Writing off any remaining balance under a financial agreement
  • A revised financial agreement, for example, with reduced or frozen interest
  • Removal of the solar panels at no cost to you

Please get in touch with our mis sold solar panels solicitors for further advice about what you may be able to recover by making a claim.

Can I make a claim if the solar panel company has gone out of business?

Although you were probably sold your solar panels by a company, if you entered into a finance agreement or paid some of the cost using a credit card (and the amount paid was over £100), you will be a legally protected consumer.

This means you may be able to bring your claim against your financial provider even if the company which sold you the solar panels has closed down.

How much can I claim?

Every case is different, however, you may be able to recover up to 100% of your money as well as any other losses (for example, if the solar panels are faulty and not performing as well as promised).

How do I make a claim for mis-sold solar panels?

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Why choose our mis-sold solar panels solicitors?

At Smooth Commercial Law, we specialise in providing bespoke legal services and clear, practical advice which we carefully tailor to the individual needs of our clients.

We deal with all manner of mis-sold cases and have extensive experience assisting clients who have fallen victim to negligent, unsuitable, and malicious sales and financial advice. We deeply appreciate the frustration and disappointment you may be feeling. We firmly believe that misleading and pressurising sales tactics have no place in our society and will fight vigorously to help you recover as much (or all) of your money as possible.

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