Mis-sold Solar Panels Claims

Many people in the UK have been promised by salespeople that their solar panels would pay for themselves, only to find that the performance of them is below expectations. If you have been mis-sold solar panels, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Our expert team of lawyers can help.

The background to mis-sold Solar Panels

For many years, UK residents have been being misled in relation to the solar panels they are being sold. Companies have been selling solar panels on the basis that buying a solar power system can not only save residents money on electricity bills, but also earn them money from the surplus power the system would be generating.

The extra electricity, salespeople claimed, could be sold to the national grid for a guaranteed amount, known as a “feed in tariff”. This meant that the solar panels would be “self-funding” and that they would eventually pay for themselves by way of the surplus energy.

However, a 2011 Which? investigation found that 9 out of 12 companies selling solar panels to UK residents gave an inaccurate or misleading estimate about how much energy the panels would produce. Further to this, 7 out of 12 failed to consider the position of the panels when installing them on the roof in relation to shade.

This had led to hundreds of UK residents being out of pocket, and hundreds of mis-selling cases against the solar panel companies.

Do I have a solar panel claim?

If you believe you were given misleading information when buying the solar panels, then you may be entitled to claim for compensation. If you believe you were:

  • Misled in relation to the amount of electricity the panels would produce
  • Misled in relation to the amount of money you would receive under the “feed in tariff”

Then you may be entitled to claim.

What can I claim for with a solar panel claim?

The compensation received for a mis-sold solar panel claim can cover the money you have paid to date for the system. We can also insure you recover any interest on that amount, and write off any future payments under prearranged finance agreements.

How much can I claim back for solar panel claim?

The amount of compensation that can be claimed varies from case to case. However, you can potentially claim up to 100% of the price you paid, or have committed to pay, for the solar panels if you were mis-sold them.

This also includes any other losses that have arisen from the mis-selling of the panels. If, for instance, the solar panel has not performed as it was advertised, you could claim back the full installation cost and equipment cost, plus any interest that has been paid if it was sold through finance.

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