Financial Mis-selling

Have you been given bad financial advice which has resulted in the loss of some or all of your savings?

Our team of experts have extensive experience in dealing with a whole manner of claims that arise from negligent and/or unsuitable financial advice.

Unsuitable advice can come in many forms. It is normally found where an investor was not made aware of the risks involved in investing into a particular scheme or advice to transfer funds from a safe and secure pension into an unregulated investment scheme. Other examples include investors not been made aware of the risks and potential downsides of a potential transaction.

Our team can assist if you think you were given unsuitable advice or the risks were not properly explained to you in connection with the following:

  1. SIPPs (self invested personal pension);
  2. Investments into high risk products such as store pods, foreign property, carbon credits etc;
  3. Pension mis-selling;
  4. Pension liberation;
  5. Tax avoidance schemes; and
  6. Transferring funds out of a defined benefit scheme/ final

Should you have a claim we can deal with your case and look to recover compensation for not just your loss of investment but also any adverse tax liabilities that you may now be facing as well.

As in all civil cases, there are strict time limits that must be complied with. It is therefore imperative that you act quickly should you believe that you have a claim. Please contact one of our team for a no obligation and confidential chat today.