Wills, Trust and Estate Planning

Should you need a Will drafting or a Power of Attorney preparing our expert team of  Solicitors will guide you through the process to ensure that yours and your loved ones’ interests are protected for the future.


We can handle everything from;

  • Wills – drafting your Will to make sure your loved ones get the full benefit of their inheritance. We have experience from writing basic Wills to more complicated matters.
  • Estate planning –Everything you own is part of your estate. That means property, like real estate, cars and other valuables. We can help ensure that your loved ones receive the full benefit.
  • Trusts – setting up a trust ensure your assets are protected and your family are looked after.
  • Business succession planning – helping you to hand over control of your business interests
  • Powers of Attorney – preparing Lasting Power of Attorneys to appoint someone to take care of your finances and health if you lose capacity in the future 

We understand that not everybody likes to make arrangements for when they have passed away but it is vitally important to do so to ensure that your affairs and assets are managed in accordance with your wishes. We are here to make the process as easy as possible and to give our clients peace of mind, that’s why we offer a free 1-hour consultation appointment.

We are a dynamic law firm based in St Helens. We act for a number of clients in Liverpool, Manchester, London and surrounding areas. We are a true boutique-style law firm and pride ourselves in providing bespoke, practical legal advice to each of our clients. We deliver exceptional, partner-led, advice and representation at a competitive charge-out rate with an emphasis on helping our clients to achieve their objectives at the earliest possible stage. For a confidential and no-obligation chat please feel free to contact one of our team.

Call today on 0800 046 9976– or email info@smoothcl.co.uk.