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Landlords have a requirement by law to pay any deposit received from tenants into a tenancy deposit protection scheme. If they haven’t, or haven’t informed you of where it is, they could be liable to compensation claims from tenants, for up to three times the amount of their deposit.

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What is a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme?

From 6 April 2007, every residential landlord who takes a deposit from a tenant is legally required to protect that deposit by sending it to one of three government-approved deposit protection schemes.

There are three main tenancy deposit protection schemes that are protected by law:

This law is enforced to stop landlords from using the deposit as income and to ensure that the deposit is protected when it comes to the end of the tenancy.

The law states that if the landlord fails to register the deposit with one of the three tenancy deposit schemes within 30 days of the date on which the deposit was provided by the tenant, or if your landlord failed to inform you where your deposit was registered within 30 days, then the landlord will be liable for a financial penalty of between 1 – 3 times the deposit paid. 


How do I know if my landlord has protected my deposit?

There is no central database to check if your landlord has protected your tenancy deposit. However, the three above schemes all have databases where you can check if your landlord has registered your deposit.

The information you will need to supply to these websites is:

  • Your Postcode
  • The tenancy start date
  • The deposit amount
  • Your surname

If you enter your details on all three of these websites, and you are still getting negative results, it is more than likely that your landlord has not protected your deposit in a scheme backed by law. 



How much could my Tenancy Deposit Claim be worth?

Should you have a legitimate Tenancy Deposit Claim, your landlord may be liable for up to three times the amount of the original deposit.

This means your claim could be worth anything up to:

Amount of Deposit

Potential Claim Worth


















How will I fund my case Tenancy Deposit Case?

Smooth Commercial Law work on a No-win, No-fee basis, meaning if your case is unsuccessful you will pay nothing at all. In addition to this, our initial review of the claim questionnaire is completely free. No payment is required at the start of your claim.

Any of our costs will be deducted from a successful claim. We will advise you of this process in advance, so there will not be any surprises. 

In addition to this, you will be offered After the Event Insurance for increased protection against any adverse costs. 


How Can Smooth Commercial Law help?

At Smooth Commercial Law we are not a claims management company. We are a firm of experienced solicitors and have extensive experience of claims such as these. We are able to represent you throughout the duration of your tenancy deposit claim, ensuring that your claim is dealt with professionally and expeditiously.

Smooth Commercial Law make claiming for compensation easy:

  • No Win, No Fee*
  • No Upfront Payments
  • An Expert Team
  • Regulated and Authorised by The Solicitors Regulation Authority

Smooth Commercial Law will be on hand to advise, guide and support you through each critical step of the claims process, ensuring you are kept fully informed and up-to-date on the progress of your claim. This will enable us to progress your claim with speed and efficiency so that all time frames and deadlines that apply to your case are met with ease and confidence.

We will collect and collate all the supporting evidence needed to add strength and weight to your case, increasing your chance of getting the optimum level of compensation you deserve. 

Our legal team come from a financial services and compliance background and deal with landlords every week. We are regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation.  


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