Rent Recovery

Do you have a tenant who is refusing to pay rent? Do you need assistance in recovering rent arrears? Our expert landlord solicitors are on hand to assist.

Disputes arising due to the recovery of rent is an issue that landlords understand all too well. Being owed rent can cause a lot of stress and frustration, and can have severe financial implications on the landlord.

It is vital that rent disputes are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is also vital that rent arrears disputes are handled with care, with both the landlord and the tenant in mind. It is possible to rectify these disputes without the need for court intervention.

Smooth Commercial Law’s Landlord Solicitors can guide you through your next steps if you are looking to recover rent from a tenant. We will ensure you are given expert legal advice and provide you with peace of mind that every step is being taken to recover your rent legally.

If you would like to contact our Liverpool, Manchester, and St Helens team for help in recovery rent arrears, call us on 0800 046 9976 or complete our contact enquiry form here.

Recovering rent from tenants

Our landlord disputes team can guide you through your next steps if you have a tenant who is refusing to pay you rent. We understand that trying to recover money from tenants can be time-consuming. Without knowing all of the options that are afforded to you, you may feel trapped and unable to recover the money that is owed to you.

Whatever the circumstance, our solicitors will listen to your case and take the time to fully understand the facts. We can act on your behalf and negotiate with the tenant to come to a solution that works for both parties.

While out of court settlements are very common and preferred by most, we can advise your next steps if the tenant still refuses to pay in relation to taking your case to court.

Our advice to landlords for recovering rent is always:

  • Communicate well with your tenant
  • Make a record of all contact
  • Be reasonable with the tenant to avoid being seen as treating them unfairly
  • Understand their financial position
  • Offer solutions, such as additional repayments over time rather than a lump sum
  • Be honest and transparent

If the tenant is still refusing to offer a solution as to how they will pay the rent arrears, we can advise landlords or possession proceedings and evictions.


How can Smooth Commercial Law help?

Every rent recovery is different in circumstance. This is why our Landlord solicitors will listen to your individual case and help you come up with a solution that can get your rent paid as quickly as possible.

If you are a landlord and need assistance with the recovery of rent arrears, our Liverpool, Manchester, and St Helens solicitors are on hand to help you decide the best path of enforcement available to you. Our team have a wealth of experience in complex debt recovery cases.

Our Liverpool, Manchester, and St Helens team can assist landlords with legal advice and information surrounding rent recovery. We have years of experience in helping landlords with various complex legal issues.

To arrange a free initial consultation in relation to your rent recovery problem with our Liverpool, Manchester, St Helens, and North West Solicitors, you can call 0800 046 9976 or get in touch via a contact form on this page.