Rent Arrears Recovery

Smooth Commercial Law is experienced in providing advice to a variety of landlord clients, including investment landowners and property developers in respect of rent arrears.

Our team prides itself on advising landlords on the most effective and commercial approach to recovery rent arrears from a defaulting tenant.

How we can help?

We can assist with the forfeiture of the tenant’s lease by way of peaceful re-entry in order to prevent further rent arrears from accruing. We will also deal with any subsequent application by the tenant for relief from forfeiture. If necessary we can issue debt recovery proceedings, as well as statutory demands and applying for a winding up petition or bankruptcy order against the tenant. We are also able to advise clients on the most appropriate method of enforcement to give landlords the greatest chance of recovery including: third party debt orders; charging order placed over property; orders for sale; liens over property etc.