Company Restoration Solicitors

Restoration is where a company that has been dissolved by Companies House is restored to the register.

Restoration is often used where: the company has been struck off for failure to send annual accounts to Companies House; or it is because a director or shareholder wishes to realise some actual or potential assets remaining in the company; or for pursuing a legal claim against a third party. There are two procedures for company restoration. These are known as (1) Administrative Restoration and (2) Company Restoration by Court Order. There are various conditions attached to each and we can guide the company through the process.

How we can help?

At Smooth Commercial Law we can advise as to whether administrative or company restoration is available in the circumstances and whether any other course such as just setting up a new company is available. If available we can advise as to the procedures and the issues involved, make the necessary application and also check and submit all required documents.