Advisers believe they are responsible for SIPP investments

Advisers believe they are responsible for SIPP investments

Financial advisers believe they are responsible for SIPP investments, research shows

A new study has revealed interesting statistics in relation to advisers and their responsibilities.

A study conducted by CoreData research has shown that seven in ten financial advisers believe the responsibility for ensuring self-invested personal pension investments are suitable lies with them, rather than the SIPP provider or the client.

The study, published September 26th 2019, surveyed 1,000 advisers and asked questions in relation to SIPPs and where accountability lies.

The research has emerged after a record year for SIPP-related claims, continuing its upward trajectory after the FSCS paid £123m in compensation in the last financial year - £11m higher than 2017-18.

The study uncovered some harsh truths for financial advisers within the SIPP market, with the many foreseeing no immediate end to the mis-selling scandal.

 The key figures from the report are:

  • 70% said financial advisers should be the ones responsible for ensuring SIPP investments are suitable;
  • 59% said SIPP complaints will increase over the next year;
  • 59% have said recent SIPP court cases have made them more cautious about unregulated investments in SIPPs;
  • 47% said SIPPs are only suitable for experienced investors

The data reveals that financial advisers are understandably concerned about the growing mis-selling scandal surrounding unsuitable SIPP investments, and they do not believe it will go away any time soon.


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