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Warning signs when decarbonising your home

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The UK government have set out a long-awaited Heat and Building strategy to set out a road map on how we can decarbonise our homes.

Part of the strategy includes grants to help people replace their boilers with air-source heat pumps. The current cost for installing heat pumps is still very expensive and grants available cover a small percentage of the cost.

Currently, there is limited information available as to how people will be able to adapt their homes many of which were built in a time when energy efficiency was never the main focus during construction

There is uncertainty as to what it will take to make their home more carbon neutral and reliable information is not clear and confusing for consumers.

As we have highlighted with the scandal over mis-sold solar panels,  disreputable installers will latch onto this carbon-neutral trend selling consumers products that do not perform, are overpriced and induce them into the purchase with the background of Planet saving carbon neutrality.

As it stands there are 12 different accreditation schemes for installers of low-carbon technologies like insulation, heat pumps or solar panels. A recognised list of government-backed suppliers/installation firms from a single source would build trust with consumers with gilt-edged, triple ‘A’ rated insurance backed guarantees. Having financial backing and protection over goods would give people the confidence to make the necessary changes to their homes.

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