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Update on Heritage Pensions Ltd Liquidation

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On 17th March 2022, Heritage pensions Ltd was placed into liquidation. Directors of Heritage appointed Paul David Williams and Edward Robert Bines of Koll Advisory as joint Liquidators.

The FSCS is investigating the SIPP administrator to see if there are any claims that meet the qualifying conditions for their compensation scheme so whilst they are accepting complaints and potential claims they are all subject to ongoing investigations.  

We are acting for clients who were advised by both regulated and unregulated advisors to transfer money out of their safe, traditional pension into a SIPP, then to invest those significant sums of money into high-risk investments only to see those schemes fail. If you were a former client of Heritage Pensions this scenario may sound all to familiar.

At Smooth Commercial Law our dedicated team has experience of recovering lost investments especially where SIPP administrators have had an active role.

If you would like further information please visit the link below which illustrates our work; Carey Pensions Claims - Smooth Commercial Law (

You may only need initial advice and it’s important to know that an application to the FSCS can be made without the need of a legal adviser or claims management firm.

Contact a member of the team by calling 0800 0446 9976 or email we will get in touch with you promptly.