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New rules for employees in the UK who call in work sick

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Across the country, thousands of people call in sick each year due to illnesses. Depending on the severity absence from work can range from a few days, a week, or months.

A sick note is required if the employee is absent for more than 7 days, sick note is normally written by their GP or hospital. From Friday 1st July, new rules now mean that nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and physiotherapists can all legally write them for workers to be signed off too.

The change has been brought in to help make claiming benefits easier for those who are off on long-term sick. Also, with the pressures to the medical profession generally caused by COVID and the increase in demand to see GPs, this move hopefully will free up appointments.  

For more information on taking sick leave, you can visit: Taking sick leave - GOV.UK (

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