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New guidance to support employees on their fertility journey

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New guidance has been released from Fertility Matters At Work an organisation which set up by three women who have had a career working in HR and reflect on their own personal fertility journeys.

The guidance has been put together for employers to support those experiencing infertility or undergoing fertility treatment.

  • The guidance outlines the understanding of the challenges of balancing fertility treatment with work, educating the workforce and providing support to employees experiencing fertility issues.
  • It highlights the benefits of employers providing paid time off for treatment and recovery and giving employees access to private areas to accept sensitive phone calls during working hours relating to their fertility journey.
  • Employers are encouraged to be flexible with last-minute leave requests, providing a space for employees to administer and store medication and training managers to be able to hold appropriate discussions, so employees don’t feel they have to suffer in silence.
  • Not all fertility journeys are the same, the guidance highlights the need for employers to find the right approach and support tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • By raising awareness of fertility issues in the workplace and having a fertility journey policy in place it can create a more inclusive and supportive working environment.

If you are undergoing fertility treatment speak to your manager and find out what policies are in place to support you on your fertility journey.

If you feel like there is inadequate support from your employer speak to your HR department or contact us for more advice.