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Contract for Difference (CFD)

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Many of us have sat at home searching the Internet for quick ways to earn some extra money. Often, we find websites or advertisements promoting financial products, such as shares, bonds, or CFDs. The latter is an extremely complicated financial product that leaves 70% to 90% of retail investors losing their money. The complexity of CFDs, which is based on its leverage-based trading style, means it is an extremely high-risk financial product.  Despite this, it is a widely advertised product promoted heavily from companies based both in the UK and abroad, in places such as Cyprus and Gibraltar.
Many clients who sign up to trade CFDs lack the knowledge and experience to be suited to such a high-risk trading method. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has strict rules about regulated companies allowing, or advising, retail clients to engage in trading that is not suited to their risk level. This is why Smooth Commercial Law has recently had several successful cases against Cyprus-based CFD companies, with one case resulting in the CFD company being ordered to pay our client over 1/3 of a million pounds, plus their legal costs.
We believe many people have lost substantial sums, and don’t yet realise they may have a claim. We would advise anyone who has lost over £10,000 trading CFDs to get in touch so we can see if we can claim this money back.

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