Japanese Knotweed Claims

Japanese knotweed is an invasive, fast-growing plant that can cause damage to your property and can potentially cause issues when reselling your home. If your property has been affected by Japanese knotweed through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation. Our expert lawyers can help.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is native to Japan, Korea and parts of East Asia and China, and was introduced to the UK in 1850. Since then, due to its aggressive nature and ability to survive where other plants cannot, it has spread across the UK, with estimates stating that almost 10% of rivers in the country are invested.

The main issue with Japanese knotweed is that it is not only relentless in wiping out other species of plants, but it can also do significant damage to your property. When conditions are perfect, the plant can grow up to 20cm per day, with the weed finding weak points in the cracks in buildings to grow through. This can cause major damage.

It is also notoriously difficult to get rid of. It spreads even more when someone tries to get rid of it, unless it is professionally done.

Problems caused by Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed can cause many problems for homeowners. Not only is there a potential risk to losing your garden to an infestation, it can also cause problems to your home’s foundations and create potential issues further down the line when you come to sell your house.

Here is an overview of those problems:

  • Selling or remortgaging your house

Most lenders will not offer a mortgage to buy a property affected by Japanese knotweed. They will either outright refuse, or lend money on the condition that it is removed, which can cost thousands and take time. This will put potential buyers off if you are selling your house.

In addition to this, even if the property is now clear of the knotweed, there is a stigma attached to a property that has had Japanese knotweed in the past, due to the potential of it returning. This will also put off buyers, even if you have had the weed treated. You will have to formally declare if the property has had issues with knotweed during the pre-contract paperwork during a sale process.

  • Damage to your property

Japanese knotweed is relentless in its growing, and can find spaces in the foundations of your property. The weed has been known to cause major damage to properties.

  • Potential liability

If your property has Japanese knotweed, you are potentially at risk of causing it to spread to another’s property. This would put you at risk of being liable for any damages your neighbour would be owed.

What can Smooth Commercial Law do for me?

If you have been affected by Japanese knotweed intruding onto your property, or you have bought a property without being told of the potential for Japanese knotweed infestation, we can help.

All landowners, including residential and commercial landowners, have a duty to take all steps to prevent avoidable damage to neighbouring properties. Our team of expert lawyers can help you make a claim to:

  • Recover the cost to remove the Japanese knotweed in full by a professional
  • Recover the cost to remove repair any damage caused
  • Recover the cost where potential loss in market value of your property

We will do this by claiming against the landowner responsible for the spread.

In addition to this, if the seller of the property failed to tell you about the knotweed, or the surveyor missed it, we can help you make a claim against the person or company responsible.

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