Missold Investments and Contracts

Have you been miss-sold an investment or contract?

There are lots of ways in which you could have been miss-sold an investment or contract. You could have been misled or lead to believe that a product or service was different or worked in a different way to the actual workings, you could have had important information left out of the information you were given, or could have had products or services misrepresented. We have experience in miss-selling claims and can successfully apply for and manage your claim.

How we can help?

Smooth Commercial Law will provide sound legal advice and assist you claim compensation for your loss. Some of the claims that we are able to deal with include, but are not limited to: miss-sold mobile phone contracts; internet or other contracts; miss-sold holidays; miss-sold accounts and financial products; miss-sold mortgages and other credit contracts; and/or mis sold gym contracts