Banking Litigation

There have been a number of banking scandals over the last couple of years, including the miss-selling of interest rate hedging products and PPI policies. These have all raised awareness of institutionalised fraud and systematic abuse within the British banking system.

Adverse press publicity and notable cases have meant that the British banks have, to a certain extent, had to hold their hands up and accept a degree of responsibility for bad banking practice.

Unlike many of the larger law firms Smooth Commercial Law is not conflicted and is able to act against any of the major financial institutions. We have a wealth of experience and expertise acting for and against banks and other financial institutions in complex disputes whether through litigation or arbitration. Whilst we are experienced in taking matters all the way through the court process, we are equally experienced in advising on and negotiating disputes within the banking and finance sector.

We advise on a wide range of banking and finance disputes, including: (1) miss-sold investments; (2) miss-sold hedging and complex derivative products; (3) LIBOR manipulation; and (4) disputes pertaining to so called ‘hospital units’ including RBS’s infamous Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”). We also regularly work with a number of financial and economic experts in relation to all types of financial disputes.