Mis-sold Investments

At Smooth Commercial Law we have a specialist team that handles enquiries across the full range of miss sold investments and financial products.

We began our specific interest in miss sold SIPPS some time ago but are now receiving sustained and in our opinion valid queries relating to SIPP investments that are providing no income and have questionable value on the open market. The list below is by no means exhaustive and we’re sure that more will appear;

  • Self-store units
  • Car parking spaces
  • Green oil
  • Purchase of land in foreign countries

There are clear patterns in all of the above where either the SIPP provider, IFA (whether regulated or not) has acted in a way which falls short of their obligations to an investor. In many of these cases the sum involved represents the whole of a client’s pension pot, potentially leaving them without a pension income in later life.

We’re able to provide a free of charge initial assessment of any complaint and discuss with you the potential merits and funding options we offer.